Christine Johnson

Serving The Eastern Shore & Anne Arundel County

For more than 25 years in the design/build industry, it has been my pleasure to help people protect their most valuable assets and guide them through the complex process of building their home.  


Now, I have decided to use my experience and expertise to help people achieve their dream of purchasing or selling their first home, moving up to a larger home, or buying a vacation home. To know that I am helping someone by being a real estate consultant is very gratifying. In addition, I am elated to have been afforded the opportunity to join a successful, award-winning real estate team, David J. Moore & Associates of RE/MAX Executive. He, like myself, is dedicated to helping people achieve their real estate dreams and goals 


Do You Know Why I am Different? 

It occurred to me that my friends and family members may not be aware of exactly what a real estate consultant does differently from a traditional salesperson and how that benefits the people you introduce me to. 

Traditional real estate agents spend most of their time soliciting the public looking for their next client, which leaves little time to personally see to their clients’ needs. 


Think about it – you have professionals in every area of your life who provide you with good services on a long-term basis, people like your financial advisor, accountant, lawyer, doctor, or trusted mechanic. Yet so many people look at buying and or selling a house as a short-term relationship. For most people, buying and selling a home is a big event, yet they settle for a real estate agent they don’t know and trust.  


Making My Clients Outrageously Happy 

As a real estate consultant, I am 100 percent focused on consulting, negotiating, and overseeing the transactional details for my clients, keeping their best interests foremost in my mind. I am committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can be 


My purpose is to make sure my clients are so outrageously happy with the help I provide that they gladly introduce me to the people they care about, not because they feel obligated but because they genuinely believe they will benefit.